Why more and more people are choosing Interactive electronic whiteboard?

1,Interactive digital whiteboard: supports multi-person and multi-device editing and sharing on HDFocus 4K UHD interactive board in real-time. Ideate, brainstorm, and collaborate remotely on the same canvas across the world. 5ms response-time ensures the stylus-to-touchscreen experience is natural and familiar, like a marker on a traditional whiteboard.

2,Interactive Whiteboard Save Your Data to Cloud: can save content in real-time. Instead of spending time recapping and examining old notes, easily return to the canvas and keep the ideas flowing. The content you created on can be exported to your preferred Cloud Drives.

3,Present and annotate: smart board supports up to 4 users to screencast simultaneously via Airplay and E-share, or by connecting in via HDMI. With your screen cast, you can annotate as needed, share via video conferencing, or pin screenshots.