Why choose LED transparent screens?

1, High transparency

LED transparent screen has high light transmission rate and high transparency, which allows viewers to see the scenery behind while watching the programme and has a better visual effect.


2, Good display effect

LED transparent screen has a very good display effect, with high colour saturation, brightness and clarity, which can present a more vivid and gorgeous picture effect.

3, Easy to install

LED transparent screen is light in weight, small in size, easy to install and maintain, and can be applied to the installation of a variety of places.

4, Power saving and energy saving

LED transparent screen has the characteristics of low power consumption and high efficiency, which can effectively save electricity.

5, Indoor and outdoor use

Because of its high brightness and high definition, the LED transparent screen can be used in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors. Whether in indoor shopping malls, offices, exhibition halls or in outdoor squares, stadiums, public transport and other places, LED transparent screens can be used to display a variety of information.

6, Good display effect

As LED transparent screens are composed of LED lamp beads, their display effect is more vibrant and clear than traditional LCD displays, with more realistic and vivid colours, which can attract people's eyes and enhance the effect of information dissemination.

7, Diversified display modes

LED transparent screens can not only realise static and dynamic display contents such as text, pictures and animations, but also 3D effects, interactive displays, holographic projections and other high-tech display modes, which can provide a richer and more diversified way of displaying information for various occasions.

8, Energy saving and environmental protection

LED transparent screen has a low power supply and relatively low power consumption, compared with traditional LCD displays, it has high energy saving and environmental protection, which can save energy costs for enterprises and reduce pollution to the environment.

9, Long life

LED transparent screen uses LED lamp beads as the light source, its service life is relatively long, generally can reach tens of thousands of hours or more, and at the same time has a high shock resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, the service life of the traditional LCD display more long.

10, Easy to install and maintain

LED transparent screens are relatively easy to install and maintain because of their modular design, which allows the whole screen to be split into multiple modules for assembly, making it easy to transport, install and maintain. At the same time, each module can be replaced or repaired individually, avoiding the need to replace the entire unit when the whole screen is damaged.

11, High return on investment

Although the unit price of LED transparent screens is relatively high, they can play a more significant role in information dissemination and brand promotion due to their high brightness, high definition, high reliability and low power consumption, and can bring more significant return on investment for enterprises.

12, Better display effect in large size

Due to the modular design of LED transparent screen, it can be freely combined in size and shape according to the need, so it can produce very large screen to achieve a more shocking and grand effect, which is ideal for large exhibitions, performances, activities and other occasions.