LED large screen is a new media that can transmit information and advertise. It is the product of the development of advertising industry. It can solve the disadvantages of light box advertising and canvas advertising. LED large screen has novel appearance, which can show information in major public places, attract people's attention, and maximize the publicity effect.

There are many functions of LED large screen, which can be divided into the following points.

1, LED large screen can quickly transfer information. LED large screen's biggest function is a visual display of information, like some enterprise product information, announcements, notifications, recruitment, discounts, etc. Information can be conveyed through the big screen fast, all kinds of believe everyone seen in the streets of the screen, its coverage is wider, can let people to know all kinds of messages in a timely manner.

2, LED large screen to expand the publicity effect. LED big screen usually appears in shopping malls, shopping malls, building walls, parks and other places, where there is a large flow of people. The use of this big screen for publicity can attract a lot of people's attention, so that the boss's advertising can be effectively exposed, so that more people can see.

3, LED large screen can set off the atmosphere. Sometimes we also use this screen for some celebrations or welcome leaders or VIPs to visit, which can be a good expression of importance and drive the atmosphere.

4, LED large screen lighting decoration. LED big screen is the use of ultra-high brightness LED, can help lighting, at the same time this kind of creative screen will add a new color to the city, play a good decorative role.