LCD screen and LED are two mainstream display products, do you know the difference between LCD screen and LED, how to choose in use? Considering that liquid crystal display (LCD) is a kind of technology is a kind of LED lamp beads, so they have differences in structure, which also directly leads to the two in the specific display effect and use there are significant differences. Because in the past have the characteristics of waterproof and sun, so it is widely used in outdoor environment, and liquid crystal is mainly used for indoor, this is very different in the application environment, but because of the small spacing LED products, LED has become a room, the occasion of a common product, the LCD screen is no longer limited to traditional monitoring display area, like some meeting room, Command center and display AD platform use. So in these cases, LCD screen and LED in use is overlapping, some occasions can LCD LED, can also be used when the user to understand the specific to do after the choice.

First of all, from the comparison of stitching effects, LCD screens will have a border after stitching together, and the image of this border will have a certain visual impact in the full screen, especially when displaying some text and video. While LED is not obsessed with people, the whole screen no matter how splicing together can maintain the full screen display effect, especially suitable for full screen display of large pictures. Second, the brightness difference due to the LED lamp bead are exposed on the surface, the LCD screen is backlit, so both on the brightness difference is bigger, the LED display screen should be a little bit brighter, when in some good daylighting environment show that, the less easy to reflective, but also not to say that the higher brightness, the better, you also need to see the brightness of the installation environment, environmental lighting, Too bright a screen can cause a dazzling condition.

Lcd screen has the characteristics of waterproof sunscreen, so it can only be used indoors. And LED can, it supports waterproof sunscreen, even if the sun is direct, there is no problem, this is why the outdoor screen is made of LED is one of the main reasons, which is also the main factor to distinguish LCD screen and LED in the application environment. 4 resolutionThe resolution of the LCD screen is fixed. The resolution on the screen is 2 k standard, belongs to the high definition screen, and the leading resolution is based on the LED dot spacing and the suture area is made up of dot spacing, the smaller the resolution, but the overall LED LCD screen resolution is not high, so it is not clear that the LCD image, which is the main difference between the LCD screen and the LED screen display. The whole screen of the elcd screen is packed together, unless there is external force collision or after-sales problems are few, and the surface of the LED lamp, there are many different sizes of lamp beads are installed and transported collision is likely to appear dead lamp, LED lamp after-sales rate is high, the stability is not as high as the LCD screen. LCD screen is mainly used in indoor environment, including monitoring display, command and scheduling, conference, exhibition hall as the main application, and LED is widely used in a variety of outdoor advertising field, but also can be used for indoor display of some large scenes, such as large lecture hall, stage, information release platform, data display system, etc. The difference between the overall LCD screen and LED is very obvious. In addition to the different technical structure, the display effect and application are also obviously different, so we should also look at our own application when choosing, and comprehensively consider which kind of display content is better.