What is the difference between a transparent LED display and a transparent grille screen?


Actually the two products are not the same.

The LED transparent grille screen has a service life of between 2-3 years, it is a light type LED display product, generally used more in indoor because it has a permeability of 30-60%, the overall power consumption is also relatively low, using natural ventilation and heat dissipation, strict requirements for the installation environment, the advantage is the integrated design of the control box and installation structure, the installation space is smaller.

LED transparent screen life on more than LED transparent grille screen, life up to 50,000 hours, usually used in architectural media and interactive media scene, power consumption is very low, energy-saving effect is superior, transparent LED display thin and light, easy to install, permeability 99%, light transmission rate ≥ 80%, and no heat dissipation as well as weather resistance.