What is outdoor advertising all-in-one? Is it effective?

First, outdoor touch control all-in-one machine market analysis

With the rapid popularity of smart phones and personal mobile terminals represented by tablet computers, the influence of the network on People's Daily life has got rid of the constraint of indoor environment and extended its tentacles to the outdoors. Digital information can be seen everywhere. It is in this environment to promote the outdoor digital advertising ushered in the outbreak period. By the end of 2020, the industry predicts that outdoor digital advertising will grow to $8.2 billion. This provides enough market space for the application of LCD touch control all-in-one machine manufacturers, so that advertisers have to consider the significance of its existence in marketing planning.


Two, why the user outside advertising machine?

Compared with indoor advertising, outdoor advertising has an incomparable advantage, that is, the "vision" is broader, every passing person is the object of its information push, fundamentally widening the scope of information publicity. Of course, in order to achieve the desired effect, let people "visible" is the first premise, and set large screen display, information flexible update and real-time feedback in a body of LCD touch all-in-one is undoubtedly a good choice. A study found that 49 percent of people remember the information they got from the LCD display in the past 30 days. With the LCD touch integrated machine, outdoor advertising communication efficiency will be greatly improved, and the integration of the whole marketing program, will be the brand shaping and sales of the enterprise to form dual support.


Three, LCD advertising machine advertising effect?

For example, the networking characteristics of LCD touch control all-in-one computer can make it combine with the realization of popular online shopping, online promotion information release and limited time promotional activities, through wonderful videos, pictures or explosive information play, attract consumers and stimulate their shopping desire. When done correctly, this advertising model can lead to increased sales -- a survey found that nearly 23 percent of consumers who had no plans to buy will make a temporary purchase after seeing an AD message on an LCD touch screen.


Consumers are the core part of the outdoor advertising value chain, and the products of LCD touch control all-in-one machine manufacturers, through 7x24 hours continuous operation, more creative design and flexible installation, under given conditions, the use of this core value is greater, so as to improve the return on marketing planning. For most enterprises, outdoor signage is not the only advertising and marketing platform, and under the promotion of the digital tide, in the marketing program into the LCD touch integrated elements has become a trend. It provides a new thinking mode for business operators. From the perspective of long-term development, it is conducive to the control of marketing costs of LCD touch control all-in-one machine manufacturers.