What are the functions of the intelligent coffee table?

1, in the company, office building, exhibition site, shopping centre and other places capacitive touch coffee table can be used for query interaction, product display, leisure chat and so on.

2, capacitive touch coffee table in kindergarten can be parent-child teaching, multi-person interaction, so that children and children can communicate and interact with each other, to improve the enthusiasm of participation, and close contact, can attract the attention of children, so that teaching can be more smoothly carried out.

3, capacitive touch coffee table screen is used 4mm physical tempered glass, riot index reached Mohs 7, and the number of clicks can reach 50 million times, these indices are after thousands of times after the technical researcher to test out, is to withstand the test of quality and time. Consumers can use it as an ordinary coffee table, usually you can put your own tea set on it, chat with your friends, family, customers, etc., and drink tea without worrying about damaging the capacitor touching the coffee table.

4, capacitive touch coffee table capacitive touch screen high sensitivity, waterproof and scratch-resistant, also unaffected by light, support a variety of sizes of capacitive touch screen customization, to meet your personalized needs.