What are the functions of the electronic whiteboard?

1、Interactive function

The electronic whiteboard, computer and projector form an interactive presentation system, and the electronic whiteboard can completely control the computer. The operation on the whiteboard is displayed on the computer synchronously and can be stored.

2. Control function

The electronic whiteboard, Completely replaces the mouse and has a one-button mouse left and right Jian function.It is possible to turn the pages up and down on the PPT through the keys of the electronic whiteboard software, which is convenient for teaching.

3、Writing function

The electronic whiteboard, You can write under any interface and change the colour (any colour) and thickness of the pen at will. It has 6 or more writing functions such as ordinary pen, brush, highlighter, row of pens, texture, intelligent paintbrush pen, etc.

4、Playback function

The electronic whiteboard, One-touch playback, without the complicated process of recording the screen and then playing it back with the player and other complicated processes. Can play back a word in a written line

5、Erase function

The electronic whiteboard, Can be partially erased and erased at once, the size of the whiteboard eraser can be selected.

6、Graphics drawing

The electronic whiteboard, Can automatically identify hand-drawn graphics into standard graphics, can identify straight lines, squares, ellipses, squares, rectangles, triangles, quadrilaterals, trapezoids, irregular folds, etc.