What are the four common faults and solutions of LCD advertising machine?

One: LCD advertising machine has no sound:

We have told in the previous article, LCD advertising machine no sound how to do, we here, in emphasis once, that is, after the emergence of this problem, the user can open the back cover of the LCD advertising machine, if it is the wall hanging advertising machine, then, take off the wall hanging advertising machine, and then open the back cover, with a multimeter to check whether the effect of the driver plate power, Then check that the horn wire is connected properly. If the loudspeaker noise is very large, it indicates that the advertising machine driver has been damaged, to be replaced immediately.


Two: There is no reaction after the LCD advertising machine is plugged in:

The LCD advertising machine does not respond after plugging in the power supply is a problem that often appears in practical applications. Specific method: with the amount of the indicator light is on, if normal, it indicates that the power supply is electricity. Check whether the special power supply is energized, whether the current material is falling off or loose.


Three: LCD advertising machine screen miscellaneous

Generally speaking, the appearance of this phenomenon is caused by the signal interference of the display card, which is a normal phenomenon, and the user can solve it by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.


Four: LCD advertising machine screen flashing

In the daily application, the LCD advertising machine screen flicker is often encountered by users. In this regard, the user should first of all to the equipment around the magnetic field, power supply voltage and other external factors for exclusion check, if still not normal application, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive check on the display graphics card driver, to eliminate the installation of the program. If the above operation is invalid, users can also try to increase the refresh rate by 75HZ to see if it is feasible. If the above operations can not achieve satisfactory results, the need for professional assistance, the user needs to send the equipment to the maintenance station for inspection.