What are the features of the LED backpack?

The LED backpack is a solid black design with a different material.

The back of the backpack in particular, which many people will think is a backpack with solar charging when they first see it, is in fact a square panel with an LED display, protected by an outer layer of transparent frosted plastic that is also water resistant.

The backpack's handles are made of the same material as the back, with a nylon fibre outer layer and a breathable honeycomb breathable material on the inside.

The straps on the LED Dynamic backpack appear to be thicker and wider, a design more commonly used in travel backpacks and business backpacks, where the wider the straps the better they are at reducing weight and fatigue.

Other details of the backpack are the honeycomb back pad, which is designed with a honeycomb structure for heat dissipation. The honeycomb-like holes allow for good air circulation and do not easily allow body heat and sweat to concentrate, causing humidity and sweltering heat, it has a good heat dissipation and ventilation effect.

The LED Kinetic Backpack has a large internal capacity and a wide range of built-in pockets.

The LED Kinetic Backpack does not have a built-in battery, but an external USB port that can be plugged in directly or used with a rechargeable battery.