When it comes to LED display, I believe everyone is familiar with it. As a display screen, LED display has been all over the streets, whether it is advertising or notification messages will see it. LED display so many, in the use of must understand which LED display is more suitable for your needs.

LED Rental Display

LED rental display is a repeatable disassembly and installation of the display screen, the screen body is light and thin, saving space, can be any direction, size of the shape together, showing a variety of visual effects. The LED rental display adopts SMD three-in-one packaging technology, which can achieve 160° ultra-wide Angle and meet the viewing needs of different directions.

Scope of application: LED rental display is suitable for all kinds of theme parks, bars, auditorys, theaters, parties, building curtain walls, etc.

LED Small Spacing Screen

LED small spacing screen is a kind of light bead spacing small, high pixel density display. Displays with high pixel density are generally available on the market. LED display below P2.5 is called LED small spacing display, select high-performance driver IC, low gray and high refresh rate, the box can be seamlessly stitched horizontally and vertically.

Scope of application: small spacing LED display is widely used, small spacing screen is commonly used in airports, schools, transportation, e-sports, conference rooms, etc.

LED Transparent Screen

LED transparent screen, also known as grille screen, that is, LED display transparent, permeability is very good. LED transparent screen with high transparency, low resolution and low energy consumption can not only ensure that the dynamic picture is rich in color, but also show clear and real details, so as to systematize the playback content.

Scope of application: LED transparent screen is suitable for advertising media, large shopping malls, enterprise exhibition halls, exhibitions, etc.

LED Creative Display

LED creative display is unique in shape, strong rendering power, strong sense of artistic design, can produce shocking visual impact and artistic beauty. The more common LED creative display screen includes LED cylindrical screen, spherical LED display, Rubik's cube LED display, LED wave screen, ribbon screen, sky screen, floor tile screen, etc.

Scope of application: LED creative display suitable for media advertising, sports venues, conference centers, real estate, stages, shopping malls, etc.

LED Fixed Display Screen

LED fixed display is the traditional conventional LED display, the screen size is consistent, integrated molding is not deformed, small deviation. Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are large, and the video effect is smooth and real.

Scope of application: LED fixed display is often used in TV video programs. VCD or DVD and live video. Advertising, etc.

LED Solid Color Display

LED solid color display is composed of a single color display. LED solid color display common colors are red, blue, white, green, purple, etc., display content is generally relatively simple text or patterns.

Scope of application: LED solid color display is often used in passenger stations, door screen, shops, docks, traffic intersections, etc., mainly used for information dissemination and transmission.

LED Dual Primary Color Display

LED dual primary color display is a display composed of two colors. LED two-color display is rich in color. The common combination is yellow and green or green and red or red and yellow and blue. The color is bright and eye-catching, and the display effect is more eye-catching.

Scope of application: LED dual primary color display is mainly used in subway, airport, commercial center, wedding shop, restaurant and other information dissemination.

LED Full Color Display

LED full color display is a display that can display a variety of colors, color is comprehensive, so it is called full color display. Each light point contains a variety of primary color gray scale, can form 1677216 kinds of colors, the picture is gorgeous and natural. At the same time, professional mask design is selected, waterproof and dustproof, long service life.

Scope of application: LED full color display suitable for office buildings, high-speed railway stations, commercial advertising, information release, exhibition center, etc.

LED Indoor Display

LED indoor display is mainly used for indoor use, generally not waterproof, outstanding display effect, various forms, can attract attention.

Scope of application: LED indoor display is often used in hotel halls, supermarkets, KTV, commercial centers, hospitals, etc.

LED Outdoor Display

LED outdoor display is outdoor display advertising media equipment. Multi-level gray correction technology can improve color softness, automatic adjustment of brightness, natural transition. Screens come in a variety of shapes and can be coordinated with a variety of built environments.

Scope of application: LED outdoor display can set off the festive atmosphere. Advertising, information transmission, etc., often used in construction, advertising industry, companies, parks, etc.