What are the application characteristics of interactive smart tablet?

In the office, interactive smart tablet machine integrates projector, electronic whiteboard, curtain, speaker, TV, computer and many other conference room office equipment, not only to simplify the complex, make the meeting room environment more concise and comfortable, but also does not take up space; At the same time, high definition, high brightness, high contrast display characteristics, solve the traditional projector equipment in the display has too much reliance on light deficiencies and limitations. In addition, it can realize the cross-space transmission of live audio, video and screen writing content through the Internet, perfect interpretation of remote video conference.

In teaching, interactive smart tablet high-definition display solves the problem of dazzling light in front of the projector, full touch without blind spots, full interaction makes the teaching lively and interesting, its built-in massive physics, chemistry, IT and other teaching resources and intuitive images greatly save the teacher's drawing time, but also meet the students' thirst for knowledge.