What are the advantages of LED mirror advertising screen?

1.Light and thin screen body, easy to maintain, the appearance of the design to present high-end atmosphere, fashionable and innovative, flexible installation methods, can meet the installation needs of a variety of application scenarios.

2. The system is designed with zero setup, easy to operate, easy to plug and play, and can be intelligently monitored and managed remotely through the mobile phone APP, so that everything is under control. 

3. In the still state, the requirements for colour and clarity are more obvious than in the case of dynamic video, and the viewer can watch more carefully in the still state, which has its superiority in dealing with ink and ripples at close range.

4.The stability of the LED mirror screen allows static pictures to be controlled to jump in a few seconds, without the phenomenon of fast and slow. There is also stability in controlling management systems, information distribution, etc.