1, LED large screen display barrier-free. We all know that the most critical use of large screen or display effect, and LED large screen lamp beads are bound on the unit board, will not affect the screen display effect, can be seamless. At this point, it can be said that LED large screen can directly hang light box, LCD and other display products.

2. LED large screen is widely used. LED large screen specifications and models are relatively complete, whether indoor or outdoor, can meet customer needs, but the price of each LED large screen and size, type are linked, different LED large screen prices are also different, so the choice needs to be clear in advance.

3, LED screen high security. LED large screen can be sunscreen, waterproof, moireproof, can adapt to a variety of environments, like we commonly see outdoor advertising screen is the LED display, and it uses low voltage DC power supply voltage, in the actual application process, can avoid danger.

4, LED large screen can help enterprises to establish a high-quality image. We all know that the visual impact of this large screen is more intuitive and strong. The larger the screen is, the longer the display time is, the easier it is to remember the high-quality image of the enterprise, so as to further enhance the recognition of the potential consumer groups to the brand.