The waiting process is no longer boring! Smart touch screen dining table.


"We used to eat together and play with mobile phones. Now we play with the table." The waiting process is no longer boring! Smart touch screen dining table. A table specially designed for the restaurant. People can browse the menu and order food through the touch screen. In addition, you can also visit the Internet, browse social networking sites or watch videos while waiting for meals, or play small games to kill time.

The smart touch screen table used in the restaurant means that the smooth and flat table top can place any object, and the sprinkling of food and drink will not affect the touch effect. In terms of user experience, coffee, dinner plates, pictures and touch sensing can be placed anywhere on the table without being affected by these items. If coffee is spilled, it can be directly wiped away with paper towels or rags. If the interactive application above is not considered, it can be used and maintained as an ordinary glass table.

The so-called intelligence of smart touch screen table actually has two forms, one is the intelligence of hardware and the other is the intelligence of software.
Hardware: the table can be a touch glass display, which can be used to order, pay, support restaurant services, watch videos, browse the web, and other auxiliary tools for a series of entertainment activities.

On the software: there can be a complete background personal database to count everyone's consumption amount, record everyone's consumption habits, and provide personal exclusive services on this basis.

In the era of Internet plus, the combination of catering industry and intelligent technology, and the emergence of intelligent touch-screen tables are the trend of the times. With its own intelligent ordering process and background data, the intelligent ordering platform promotes the transformation of the catering industry's ordering mode, so that customers can truly order their own meals and pay the bill online according to the price. Shops will gradually accept and use it under the condition of reducing the cost of mass purchase, It has saved a lot of labor and material costs for catering businesses. The smart touch screen table has effectively solved many business problems of current catering businesses, such as significantly reducing labor costs, automatic standardized management, and will create a new business model of customer self-service.

I hope that in the near future, we can use this cool smart touch screen table in the nearby restaurant.