What is a touch table?


Touch table is a kind of high-end table equipped with special touch screen and control system equipment, which can carry out relevant operations and achieve interaction, and has a good degree of experience.Touch table as a combination of high-tech new table, different from ordinary table, set many functions in one, has a significant advantage in human-computer interaction, by touching the LCD screen on several sides, you can achieve entertainment, office and other functions, enjoy a good experience.This table is mainly composed of general table master control system, touch control system, imaging system, multimedia playback control system, is an intelligent table.


Touch table surface material is generally toughened glass, high hardness, good permeability, smooth touch. The display has LCD, rear projection, etc., can be horizontal display or vertical display, can be multi-touch, responsive, there are many sizes. Built-in various applications, to achieve browsing, games and other interactive functions, high resolution, with depth, pressure sensing characteristics. Touch table with a variety of ports, good scalability.


  1. Touch function: It has multi-point infrared touch screen, which is smooth and sensitive. As long as you slide or click the contact on the surface with your hand or identifiable stylus, you can realize the corresponding function, and you can play writing, drawing games and other functions at any time.
  2. Internet function: you can access the wireless network within a certain range, and you can also connect the wireless mouse and keyboard.
  3. Play function: equipped with HD equipment, can play film and television works, enjoy the entertainment atmosphere.
  4. Picture-in-picture function: you can use various functions at the same time, so that more people can participate in it.