The application of smart mirrors in the gym marks the coming of the era of intelligence?


The smart mirror in the gym can't be done without it. To build a strong body starts with fitness smart magic, making intelligent fitness a trend.

Through the fitness courses on the mobile app and the one-on-one fitness counseling in the smart mirror of the gym, you can't stop from the beginning of fitness, and you can save the tedious fitness links. Such an attempt can not only allow ordinary people to complete exercise at home, but also can be used in the gym, yoga room and other sports occasions.

After the fitness, the smart mirror in the gym can also tell you whether the training volume is up to standard today, and the changes of heart rate, blood pressure and other health indicators after training.

The smart mirror in the gym can automatically connect to WiFi, download music, WeChat, video and other software, so that you can experience entertainment and love fitness while exercising.