The roof screen is a new type of advertising display equipment, which can be installed on the roof of a car to show various forms of advertising content to the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. So, what are the working principles and technical features of the roof screen? Let's find out together. 

One, working principle:

The roof screen works by displaying a variety of images, text and video via LED lights on the screen. This content can be updated and managed via the internet or other wireless transmission. Car owners simply mount the roof screen on the roof of their car and can display a variety of advertising content to passers-by and vehicles around them as they drive. When in use, the owner can control the content displayed on the roof screen via a mobile phone or other device.

Two, technical features:

1, HD display

The roof screen uses LED lights to display advertising content, which can be displayed in high definition, making the advertising content clearer and more vivid.

2, Multiple display modes

The roof screen can display various forms of advertising content, including images, text, video, etc., which can be displayed according to different scenes and needs.

3, Remote control

Car owners can control the display content of the roof screen through mobile phones or other devices to achieve remote control and management.

4, High efficiency and power saving

The roof screen adopts LED lights as the display device, which is energy efficient and can save energy and reduce the cost of use.

5, waterproof and dustproof

The roof screen is waterproof and dustproof, and can adapt to all kinds of bad weather and environmental conditions.