The role of outdoor displays

With the computer as the processing control centre, the electronic screen and the computer monitor (VGA) window correspond to a certain area point by point, the display content is synchronised in real time, the screen mapping position is adjustable, the size of the display screen can be easily and freely selected.

The display dot matrix uses ultra-high brightness LEDs (red and green double base colour), 256 levels of grey scale, 65536 colour combinations, rich and realistic colours, and supports VGA 24-bit true colour display mode.

Equipped with graphic information and 3D animation playback software, it can play high quality graphic information and 3D animation. The playback software displays information in more than ten forms such as overlay, close, open curtain, alternating colours, zoom in and out. Using the special programme editing and playback software, information such as text, graphics and images can be edited, added, deleted and modified by different input means such as keyboard, mouse and scanner. The programming is stored on the control host or server hard disk, and the programmes are played in sequence and at the same time, so that they can be played alternately in an integrated way and can be superimposed on each other.