1, bright LCD screen, meet the outdoor high resolution high brightness, waterproof and dust requirements of industrial level bright LCD screen, brightness requirements in 1500


-2500cd/㎡, still HD display under strong light, the image is more bright and vivid, the picture is lifelike;


2, wireless network transmission, outdoor advertising machine in the outdoor square does not have wiring conditions, 4G wireless network can be quickly updated and controlled


Play content, simple and safer to use!


3, outdoor heat dissipation, outdoor advertising machine to face the temperature test of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the current solution is to install air conditioning or centrifugal wind


Machine, to ensure the constant temperature of the machine running for a long time!


4, structural design, outdoor machine protection level requirements meet IP65, more professional heat dissipation channel, convenient maintenance, firm


The anti-theft structure. Make the outdoor function in the outdoor lightning resistance, wind resistance, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof and other requirements!


5, play a variety of forms, the traditional paper media is only printed one-time advertising, LCD outdoor advertising machine support video, music, figure Film, documents and other forms of play!