【Technology】The principle and production process of LED transparent screen, let you understand its magic!

LED transparent screen is a new type of display technology, which can present the content realistically on a transparent screen, thus achieving high transparency, high brightness, high resolution and high definition. Below I will introduce you to the principle and production process of LED transparent screens.

Firstly, the principle of LED transparent screen is achieved by using the photoelectric nature of LED beads, which can excite light by electric current and have the advantages of power saving, environmental protection and long life. On the transparent screen, the LED beads are laid out in a matrix, and the brightness and colour of the LED beads are controlled by controlling the current to present videos, pictures and other content.

Secondly, the production process of LED transparent screens involves many technologies, including LED chip production technology, SMT chip technology, module production technology, brightness uniformity adjustment technology and so on. Among them, module production technology is one of the core technologies of LED transparent screen production, mainly including mould manufacturing, plastic injection molding, PCB design welding, module testing and several other links.

In the mould manufacturing process, a model design is needed first, and then the model is processed into a mould using CNC machine tools. In the plastic injection moulding process, PCB boards, LED chips and other materials are injected into the plastic mould to make it into shape. In the PCB design and soldering session, LED beads, wiring, etc. need to be soldered to the PCB board and tested to ensure the yield rate. Finally, in the module testing link, the module needs to be subjected to strict brightness uniformity, colour uniformity, angle uniformity and many other tests to ensure the quality of the module.

In short, the production process of LED transparent screens involves the application of a variety of technologies and requires a high degree of design, manufacturing and assembly precision. The continuous innovation and improvement of various technologies make LED transparent screens continuously improve the display effect and quality, and are increasingly valued and loved by people.


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