What are the advantages of taxi roof LED display advertising?

Taxis have a large flow, wide coverage and long operation time. Therefore, the advertising based on taxi will weave the largest outdoor media network in the city. The taxi GPS intelligent terminal, combined with the LED display advertising media, has a bright and eye-catching appearance and good communication effect. It can not only enable enterprises and products to maintain their brand image and enhance their popularity in the market for a long time, but also cooperate with strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities, so as to achieve the advertising purpose of quickly establishing brand image for customers, influencing consumers' purchase decisions, and forming continuous information prompts. The taxi advertisement has the following characteristics
1. New media
People are naturally curious about new things, and the media can always attract more consumers' attention
Yili and curiosity, so both enterprises and businesses are always looking for new media
New ways to promote their products. Enterprises often put advertisements on new media
If we cooperate with advertising companies, TV and newspapers to "hype", we will get more
It will bring more news effects.
The research of powerful media also found that if the advertiser can create a very promising and positive first time
The first time is very important
Is very, very important. As a new media, taxi LED advertising will surely cause the whole
The great attention of the market has the opportunity to create a sensational effect and gain greater communication value.
2. Flexible liquidity
In the survey of powerful media, what was the first time to see the "World Citizen" public service advertisement
What kind of form? The cognitive data after the prompt is that the bus body accounts for 38%, the waiting hall 23%, the subway light rail 11%, the roof 14%, and the expressway 9%. From this point of view, the bus body is the most eye-catching. When asked what is the reason for paying attention to this advertisement? The first is to see it often, the second is the color, and the third is to like the brand. The visible frequency is the biggest factor for the effect of outdoor media.
The high mobility of taxi LED advertising is the most frequent one among all outdoor media. In addition, compared with the bus body ads on fixed routes, the taxi LED ads have a balanced value, and there is no so-called prime and non-prime location. Taxis have the characteristics of "chasing crowds" that any other media does not have, that is, they will actively seek for crowded areas to stay, especially where major events occur, such as concerts, trade fairs, sports venues, hotels, hotels, office buildings, etc.
3. Strong visual impact
The height of the car body advertisement is just at the same level with the pedestrian's line of sight, which can bring the advertising information close
Communicate to the audience to maximize the visual opportunity. At the same time, the ads are particularly eye-catching for drivers.
4. Low cost per thousand people and high cost performance
The higher frequency of arrival and contact, and the lower cost of 1000 people are suitable for long-term delivery, especially in terms of single information appeal, cooperation with radio media, and establishment and maintenance of brand memory. According to the statistics of quark market research company, the average number of magazines in the national mainstream media is
The highest human cost was 20.8 yuan, followed by 20.64 yuan for TV advertising and 10.28 yuan for newspaper advertising,
Radio advertising is 4.43 yuan, car advertising is 1.19 yuan, and taxi LED advertising is only a few cents. So,
Among all media, taxi advertising has the lowest average cost per thousand people and is the most competitive. taxi
Advertising can be said to be overwhelming.
5. High contact probability and stable contact frequency
Taxi LED advertising is the outdoor advertising media with the greatest visible opportunities. The audience is bound to be exposed to the advertising information we deliver in daily life and work. Body advertising is the outdoor advertising media with the greatest visible opportunities. For example, in a city with more than 10 million permanent residents and temporary residents, the average taxi operating distance is about 13km, and each car operates 460 kilometers per day. Based on the actual visual range of the body advertisement, the average single car coverage area is 0.3 square kilometers, the average number of operations per day is 28, and the average number of contacts per day is more than 87000. If the release time is 3 months, the effective number can reach 7800000.
The differences in the number of advertisements published, the regional environment, the urban area and other aspects make the contact frequency of different cities different, but on the basis of the monthly release scale of 7000 vehicles, the contact frequency of more than? Times a week in the target area can be basically guaranteed, so that a three-month release period can be calculated, and the total contact frequency of the target area can reach more than 24 times, which is enough to guarantee their impression of advertising.