What are the advantages of stage screens?

  1. Enrich the performance content

In previous stage performances, LED functions are relatively simple, mainly to display video data and synchronize video images. In the stage performance at that time, the stage workers did not include it into the category of choreography, just as a big TV on the stage. Today, LED, as an extension and supplement to stage performance, enriches the content of the performance and provides the audience with information beyond the performance itself. At the same time, the audience can get rid of a single, fixed perspective through the LED screen, and even see their own reactions, which also forms a certain freshness in the vision.

  1. Make associations to liven things up

With the use of LED screens in stage performances more and more frequently and the improvement of designers' creative ideas. In some performances, it has appeared as an extremely important component of stage art. Abandoned the basic form of the traditional scenery reproduction environment, formed a new aesthetic function. In the performance, the big screen appears to match the performance of the program, instead of scenery function. The resulting virtual images give us space to imagine and are more atmospheric than the real thing.

  1. More vivid than traditional sets

In the past, the traditional stage scenery usually uses the physical object, the dynamic realization is difficult to achieve, the lack of vivid, flexible expression techniques. And the stage led display has brilliant colors, and can be changed according to the performance links to cooperate, not only can create a strong visual impact and artistic appeal of the scene effect, but also as the stage led display performance extension and complement, enrich the content of the performance, become an important part of the content of the performance.

Compared with projection and other technical means usually used before, the stage led display not only has its unique advantages in color, highlighting, energy saving and other aspects, but also has the characteristics of flexible application, so it is easier to integrate into the stage background in a rich way, and even act as an important part of the performance elements.