Is solar garbage sorting light box green?


Waste classification is the actual embodiment of low-carbon life. It can not only save resources, reduce waste, but also better protect the environment. The main purpose of garbage classification is to achieve the reuse of a resource and reduce the pollution to the environment. The existence of garbage classification bins is to provide better services for garbage classification, and also to "force" people to form the good habit of garbage classification.

More and more garbage bins around are replaced by intelligent garbage bins. Why can garbage bins replace garbage bins become a new hotspot? What are its advantages? The identification of simple garbage cans is wrong, and the mixed loading of garbage is serious. It is not difficult to find that every time we pass the garbage cans in the residential area, the green recyclable garbage cans are filled with various kinds of garbage: plastic bags, kitchen leftovers, waste goods, and so on, resulting in the pollution of many recyclable garbage, which not only forms a waste of resources, but also brings a lot of inconvenience to the cleaning workers. This phenomenon will not occur in the garbage sorting bins in the residential area. Each sorting bin is marked with an accurate title and pattern, which reduces the rate of garbage misplacement.

In order to improve the garbage classification awareness of community residents, the significance and classification standards of garbage classification are publicized, and a good atmosphere of "everyone knows about garbage classification and everyone participates in garbage classification" is created.
Advertising dustbin is a product that people combine advertising creativity, people's livelihood infrastructure and environmental protection and energy conservation. It links these seemingly unrelated concepts together, and also combines the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation with the novelty of advertising creativity. It can not only beautify the city, but also serve as a communication channel for urban people's livelihood or public information.

Why is it environmentally friendly? Because it is multifunctional, its basic function is to collect garbage and make the city clean. Its commercial role is to carry all kinds of publicity as an advertising carrier, improve the company's popularity, improve the exposure of products, and effectively improve the actual economic value of advertising. It can play a very good role in establishing the image of the company. The idea of combining the two can be said to be of great significance, representing the deepening of the dimension and breadth of thinking.

Garbage bins are usually placed on both sides of the road, with uniform appearance and color. There are usually two garbage bins, including recyclable garbage and non-recyclable garbage, which are marked with obvious font to remind the citizens of garbage classification. The box is made of new flame retardant materials. If combustible objects such as cigarette butts are put into the dustbin, it can effectively prevent these combustible objects from damaging the dustbin.

The biggest feature of the solar advertising bin is the use of energy. The concept of green environmental protection is brought into full play. The entire lighting system uses solar power generation to effectively save energy. The use of new solar panels on the solar advertising bins can supply energy by collecting solar energy, and because of less wiring, the maintenance cost of the bins will also be greatly reduced in the future, with strong convenience and practicability, which truly realizes the green operation mode of low carbon, energy conservation and environmental protection.