Introduction to solar light box
Solar light box mainly combined with the advertising market's new personalized needs, targeted appearance design, the use of solar panels, controllers, lead-acid maintenance-free battery and ultra-high brightness LED light source as a power supply system and light source, at the same time the use of efficient nano luminous materials, so that the point light source into surface light source, more uniform light, no rib phenomenon; Fine workmanship, high quality, strange shape. The solar power system converts and reserves electricity during the day, while the box is illuminated at night. Not only save electricity, green environmental protection and play the role of advertising media and beautify the environment.

Solar light box function
Solar advertising light box with a unique design concept for the advertising industry to open up a new field. Not only has the original advertising function, but also lights up the landscape environment of the city and community. It adds a different kind of scenery to our life without the need of wires and cables. The solar power system is adopted, the light source is imported metal halide lamp, the single-chip microcomputer charge and discharge control, the high-frequency energy-saving electronic ballast equipped with DC output is equipped with 12V maintenance-free battery. Output overload protection, output short-circuit protection, input reverse connection protection, over charge over release automatic power protection lamp function. Solar advertising light box also has high luminous efficiency, uniform lighting, with light control or time control automatic switch function.
Application range of solar light box
Suitable for urban main streets, parking lots, hotels, tourist areas, and other public places with large crowd activities at night solar lighting.