Outdoor LCD touch advertising all in one machine classification are?


One, LCD intelligent touch advertising machine


The advantage of the LCD intelligent touch advertising machine is that the display effect is more clear, can display the company's products more beautifully in front of consumers; Ordinary display outdoor intelligent touch advertising all-in-one is slowly withdrawing from the market, outdoor intelligent touch advertising all-in-one is indeed entering the market quickly.


Two, the airport outdoor intelligent touch advertising machine


At present, most of the people moving through major airports are fashion consumers, and there is no lack of high-end social people; And on such occasions, advertising must attract the attention of this group of people to promote consumption, and the airport intelligent touch advertising machine is born to meet this demand.


Three, shopping intelligent touch advertising machine


In the era of underdeveloped electronic products, shopping malls use paper or newspaper advertising, which is not only expensive but also very inconvenient. The appearance of smart touch advertising all-in-one in shopping malls just solves these problems. Therefore, shopping mall intelligent touch advertising all-in-one machine in the social development of the increasing demand for users, and with the continuous improvement of the economic level of shopping intelligent touch advertising all-in-one machine development is more rapid, more and more models.


Four, ultra-thin intelligent touch advertising integrated machine


With the development of electronic technology, ultra-thin mobile phones and ultra-thin computers and other electronic products have occupied the major electronic consumer groups, people are more and more deeply, love the concept of ultra-thin; And ultra-thin outdoor advertising not only attracts modern consumer groups, but also makes the company's image value further improved.


There are many types of outdoor LCD touch advertising all-in-one machine. The above is to list a few commonly used introductions. Outdoor intelligent touch advertising all-in-one machine can be used for advertising information of buildings, buildings, banks, exhibitions, stations and office Spaces. Through routers, optical cables, MAN, PSTN, etc., the system can even be distributed to all parts of the world to realize the super information release through the Internet. In order to make the intelligent touch advertising all-in-one machine can correctly play its maximum function, and maximize the way of advertising marketing business, different industries outdoor LCD touch advertising machine use differences are also different, and can be customized according to needs.


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