In recent years, before the use of outdoor advertising machines, traditional media communication is relatively rigid, and consumers are still controversial about the gender of advertising. We cannot escape this problem. At this time, it is necessary to see whose advertisement is more creative, so that the advertisement of outdoor advertising machine is easier to attract the attention of consumers. From the point of view of advertising, it is more accurate, more influential.

  1. High advertising arrival rate can launch advertising campaigns quickly and effectively. Because of the special mode of communication and extensive mode of communication of LCD advertising, advertising information can be passed to thousands of people.
  2. Compared with newspapers, radio and other media, the cost of video advertising is relatively low, only one tenth of the cost of newspapers, radio and other media, which saves advertising cost relatively.
  3. Compared with cable TV media, it has large advertising capacity, fast content update, good information continuity, large population flow, high media rating and high customer attention;
  4. Compared with outdoor advertising, it has strong readability, visibility and integrity of information transmission.
  5. They are more three-dimensional, more colorful and more continuous. Compared with traditional paper advertising, outdoor advertising machines are more attractive to customers, so as to promote the purpose of consumption.