[Novelty] Roof top screens: making you the centre of attention on the road!

Roof screens are a new type of advertising display device that can be mounted on the roof of a car to display various forms of advertising content to surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. This device not only generates additional revenue for car owners, but also provides advertisers with a more visual and vivid advertising display.

Roof top screens work by displaying a variety of images, text and video via LED lights on the screen, which can be updated and managed via the internet or other wireless transmission methods. By simply mounting the roof screen on the roof of the vehicle, the owner can display a variety of advertising content to passers-by and vehicles around them while driving.

In addition to its application in the field of commercial advertising, the roof screen can also be useful in other areas. For example, in emergency situations, it can convey relevant information to people around, thus improving society's emergency response capability. In the tourism industry, rooftop screens can be used to display local tourist information and attractions to visitors, thus providing a more convenient and intuitive travel experience.

While roof-top screens have many advantages in terms of advertising display and information delivery, they also present certain safety hazards. If a vehicle owner manipulates or adjusts the roof screen while driving, it may affect driving safety. Therefore, when using a roof screen, car owners need to pay attention to the installation location and use of the screen to avoid interference with the driving process.


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