The first impression of the mirror screen is that the brightness is high. Compared with the ordinary LCD screen, the mirror screen is a higher technology than the ordinary LCD screen. The use of silicon compound on the surface increases the heat dissipation, so the brightness of the mirror screen is very high and the color is better. In fact, the mirror surface The screen has also done some reflective treatment, but it is not as good as ordinary LCD, do not regret it, the high price naturally has its reason.

I used to have a normal screen, and then I replaced it with a mirror screen, which feels good. You can stick a screen protector with anti-reflection and anti-reflection, or simply stick a frosted film. Of course, it can't be completely eliminated, and it can only reduce the reflection. Note: Anti-Glare = Matte = Non-reflective. However, there are very few people who actually stick the matte film. You can try it first, stick a small piece on the screen, and check it after turning it on. If you think it does not affect the use, then replace the entire screen with an anti-glare film. This mirror panel has a special reflective layer inside, which can reflect most of the external light back, reduce external interference, and greatly reduce the loss of backlight penetration of the LCD panel, thereby increasing brightness and contrast.

Intuitively, the reflection of the mirror screen is very strong, and the screen can almost be used as a mirror. However, due to the offset effect of the internal light after the boot, the screen itself is no longer reflective, so the mirror effect does not affect the use. Compared with ordinary monitors, the mirror panel's picture is very bright, which is unmatched by ordinary monitors.