What are the advantages of led stage lights?

The characteristics of LED stage lighting reflect: green environmental protection, environmental protection, energy saving, long life and other advantages, promote the sales market is easy to recognize it. Especially in commercial places, focus on product quality advantage.

LED stage lighting is energy efficient

In fact, at present, the beam lamp of our common LED stage lamps is the use of a special concentrating cup and the LED tube light-emitting diode is installed in the fully transparent concentrating cup. The light beam emitted from the side of the LED tube enters the inner side of the condenser cup and then refracts to reach the outer side of the condenser cup. After reasonable LED stage lighting design, the light emitted from the LED tube will become parallel to the optical axis of the LED stage lamp. Inside the high-power LED tube is a highly efficient reflector, which is a unidirectional light source.

In a small concentrator cup, almost all the light emitted by the LED tube can be used to form a parallel beam, and the utilization rate of the light source is very high. Since the light emitted by the LED tube does not include infrared ray, the temperature of the LED stage lamp is not too high at work. Although the condenser is close to the LED stage light, it can still be made of polyester plastic with high light transmission, and will not be deformed by high temperature.

LED tube and condenser are combined into a module, but the light flux is not enough. Generally, the same modules are combined again to form a flat LED stage light array. In this way, LED stage light can be emitted in a 100-watt LED stage lamp. This is the equivalent of a few hundred watts of tungsten filament incandescent lamp LED stage lighting brightness, has been able to meet the needs of stage applications, and in line with the requirements of international energy conservation.