What are the differences between LCD splicing screen and LED screen

LCD splicing screen and led display can achieve large screen display effect, but there are some differences between the two display devices:

    1.display technology is different

The LCD splicing screen uses the LCD backlight technology, which is the same as the display technology of household TV, but the resolution is lower than that of TV. The LED display is a photodiode technology, which uses the three primary color lamp bead chip to package into one pixel for display. Common traffic lights, billboards and so on all use LED display

  1. Different resolution

LCD splicing screen can realize high-definition display, resolution up to 1920*1080, can display high-definition images and videos; The LED display has a lower resolution because of the pixel spacing compared with the display area. If a higher resolution is needed, the display area needs to be larger.

  1. The effect of stitching is different

LCD splicing screens have splicing gaps of different sizes, ranging from bilateral 5.5~1.7mm, so there will be a physical black edge between the splicing screen and screen, which will affect the viewing effect when the whole screen displays a picture, but LED will not have such concerns, no matter how splicing, LED display has no black edge.

  1. Different installation environments

Liquid crystal itself is not waterproof, so it is mainly used indoors; Leds, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of situations, indoors and out.

  1. Different application fields

With its own technology, LCD splicing screen is mainly applied to the fields requiring high-definition display, can realize splicing, segmentation and other functions, such as product exhibition halls, conference rooms, news broadcasting stations, monitoring centers and so on. LED is mainly used in outdoor squares, shopping malls, conference halls and other fields for remote viewing