The LED roof screen is a new marketing tool that can be fixed to the roof of a car to display advertising, promotional messages and brand identity. It is both affordable and effective, with the following advantages:

1. Eye-catching

The LED roof screen is located in a conspicuous position and passes through people's eyes very frequently, so it can attract people's attention at the first time and attract their attention to the advertising message.

2. Good advertising effect

As the LED roof screen in the process of moving, can display advertising information to more people, but also to cover a wider area, can greatly improve the coverage of brand publicity.

3. Low cost

Compared to traditional advertising media, such as TV commercials or newspaper advertisements, LED roof-top screens are very inexpensive and therefore suitable for all types of enterprises and businesses.

4. Easy to operate

It is very easy to change the advertisements on the LED roof screen, you just need to make the advertisement content and upload it to the system.

Overall, the LED roof screen is an affordable and efficient marketing tool with many advantages, and its application prospects are very wide.