What is the LED floor tile screen?


The floor tile screen is a kind of LED display that can be placed on the ground. It can be stepped on. It is widely used in the theme park of hotel bar wedding concert activities. The led floor tile screen has a beautiful and high-grade appearance and scientific design. It uses high-quality aluminum alloy, advanced electronic ceramics and other materials for heat conduction and heat dissipation. It takes the new digital technology as the core, adopts microcomputer full digital processing, and advanced circuit protection equipment. It is widely used in buildings, commercial squares, bridges, highways, gardens, tourist attractions, bars KTV and other leisure clubs, product launches, catwalk shows, stage performances, parties, concert decoration, advertising, media decoration and other commercial lighting are bright.


  1. Fast and flexible installation: direct installation without tools or guide rail installation can be adopted.
  2. High bearing capacity: aluminum alloy material structure, with a high bearing capacity of 1.5 tons per square meter.
  3. Excellent maintenance performance: it can be exchanged directly without removing the adjacent box.
  4. High contrast design: technical design mask, clear playing effect.
  5. Excellent low brightness and high gray effect, uniform gray display and good consistency.

Scope of application:

Building body, curtain wall, residential area, commercial square, office building, bridge, highway, architectural lighting, cultural landscape, garden, tourist attractions, stage, T-stage, concert stage, landscape lighting, bar, KTV, leisure club, product release, T-stage show, stage performance, evening party, concert decoration, advertising, media decoration, commercial lighting.