Is a flexible screen better or a rigid screen better?

Both have their advantages, depending on your needs.
A flexible OLED screen refers to a screen that can be bent, folded, and has good flexibility. The application of flexible OLED screens on mobile phones can create a variety of screen forms and break the inherent technology of screens. The rise of curved screens and folding screens relies on the characteristics of flexible OLED screens.

Compared with the traditional rigid screen, the flexible screen has good flexibility, light and thin volume, low power consumption, and resistance to rubbing. With the comprehensive upgrade of electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebook computers from quality to appearance, the demand for screens and performance continues to expand, making flexible OLED screens widely used in 3C consumer electronic products.

The flexible OLED screen can be self-illuminated, and excellent image quality can be achieved through self-illumination, with natural color rendering and no blue light hazards; the screen can be flexibly used, bendable, and foldable; flexible, thin, non-heating, and comfortable to handle, meeting the development needs of mobile phones .