The projector is an optical instrument that uses optical elements to magnify the contour of the workpiece and project it onto a shadow screen. It can be used to transmit light for contour measurement, but also can be used to reflect light to measure the surface shape of the non-through hole and observe the surface of the parts. The projector is especially suitable for measuring complex contours and small workpieces, such as watch parts, stamping parts, electronic components, sample boards, molds, threads, gears and molding tools, etc. It is highly efficient and easy to use; it is widely used in measurement rooms, production workshops, and is especially suitable for instrumentation and watch industry meetings.

Projector, also known as a projector, is a device that can project images or videos onto a curtain, and can be connected with computers, VCD, DVD, BD, game consoles, DV, etc. through different interfaces to play the corresponding video signal.

Projectors are widely used in homes, offices, schools and entertainment venues, and there are different types of CRT, LCD, DLP, etc. depending on how they work.