VR generally refers to virtual reality, virtual reality technology is a computer simulation system that can create and experience a virtual world it uses computers to generate a simulated environment is a multi-source information fusion of interactive three-dimensional dynamic visual and physical behavior of the system simulation to immerse the user into the environment.


Features of VR

1, multi-sensory
Refers to the fact that in addition to the visual perception that a normal computer has, there is also auditory perception, tactile perception, motion perception, and even taste, smell, perception, etc. The ideal virtual reality should have all the perceptual functions that people have.
2、Sense of presence
It refers to the degree of reality that the user feels as the main character in the simulation environment. The ideal simulation environment should reach a level that makes it difficult for users to distinguish the real from the fake.
It refers to the user's degree of manipulation of objects in the simulation environment and the natural degree of feedback from the environment.
The extent to which the objects in the virtual environment move according to the laws of real-world physical motion.