How does the all-in-one information touch query machine serve patients in hospitals?

In order to keep up with the pace of The Times and provide patients with advanced medical environment in line with the development of The Times, a hospital in Anhui opened the digital era of the all-in-one information touch query hospital. The launch of the information touch query integrated machine system has completely changed the old hospital.


The new self-service medical process and information release window make all the hospitals take on a new look, making the treatment of patients easier and more convenient. Medical staff also have more time and energy to focus on the medical care itself, rather than the process. As a result, the level of medical services has been greatly improved. The all-in-one information touch query machine has great potential in reducing doctor-patient contact and reducing patients' emotions. Serious doctor-patient relationship is closely related to the medical process and information disclosure, and hospitals are using information touch query all-in-one, this kind of misunderstanding is becoming less and less.