II.Features of teaching conference all-in-one machine

5、Support dual system operation. Android system, Win7/Win8/Win10, while having a large screen tablet, HD touch screen computer.
6, easy to move. 360 ° universal pulley design, easy and fast to move.
7、Many applicable scenes. Such as education and training, corporate units, game interaction, digital cinema, wedding studio, home theater, tourism services, cultural media, etc.
8、Good product performance. Stable performance, instant response, no lag, built-in WIFI, mainstream CPU, core graphics card, solid state drive, a more smooth experience.
9, multi-gesture control, support for hand, pen and any other opaque object operation; support multi-touch, using cutting-edge technology to make touch light and smooth; easy to operate, friendly interface, no need to understand the computer expertise, it is clear how to use the touch all-in-one machine.