Function of electronic cash register

The cash register has fulfilled the wishes of store operators all over the world. Its high accuracy in accounting business, high efficiency and frankness in sales statistics, and high practicality in commodity management make it possible for business operators to invest less, but they can quickly, accurately, and in detail master all the data in the process of commodity circulation, so that operators can be more powerful in market research, internal management, decision-making consulting, and employee department evaluation, And reduce operating costs on a large scale. It is no exaggeration to say that without commercial electronic cash registers, there is no business automation and modernization. In the future business, without the help of commercial electronic cash registers, operators will be at an absolute disadvantage in the market competition.


1. Fast collection and customer satisfaction

Through the entry of the customer's purchase information, the cashier makes a quick response, correctly calculates the transaction amount and displays the information such as cash receivable, actual receipt and change, which reduces the time for the cashier to calculate the transaction amount and improves the cashier's speed. In particular, the technical application of commodity barcode has increased the cashier's speed by three times, reduced the time for a single transaction, improved the operating efficiency and made it convenient for customers.

2. Support multiple payment methods

It supports customer cash payment methods and payment methods such as check, credit card, foreign currency, gift certificate and bill of lading. Even in the same transaction, payment is made in multiple ways, which greatly meets the needs of customers at different levels.

3. Performance statistics, serving management

The cash register can record the sales performance of the cashier in the business and the shopping information of customers, and can print various forms of reports, directly serving the management and improving the objective basis for the decision-maker.

4. Accurate settlement and no fraud

The application of cash register makes the enterprise's money and goods under strict control, shortens the checkout time and improves the accuracy

5. It forms a neutralization information management system with computer networking to realize the comprehensive management of business work such as people, finance and goods purchase, sales and storage