Functional advantages of outdoor advertising display.

1. Build outdoor advertising displays in single or multiple commercial centers and areas with high pedestrian flow to form a large outdoor screen network covering the whole city or even the whole country.
2. Large screen with strong visual impact, super clear picture and high impact. They all have a strong advertising charm! It is good for brand image shaping and spreading. Many Led displays are local landmarks, which are good advertisements in themselves.

3. HD small and medium outdoor advertising displays or information screens will be built in busy streets and residential areas to form a media communication network, which will produce a more shocking and compulsory communication effect.
4. Small screen, strong communication penetration, wide network coverage, direct access to the consumer terminal, low investment, fast results and good publicity effect.
5. Self-produced programs, real-time broadcasting, rich content; not only advertisements, but also programs, including features, columns, variety shows, animations, radio dramas, TV series and commercial advertisements between programs.