Outdoor LED large-screen advertising not only has the general advantages of outdoor advertising but at the same time, compared with the traditional outdoor brands, outdoor LED large-screen is more innovative and can display more colorful advertising content, which is quite favored by advertisers.

Space Value

The outdoor LED large-screen media are primarily concentrated in first-tier cities' core areas, highlighting the media space value brought by location attributes. As an outdoor media, space is an important attribute that can not be obliterated. A high-quality geographical location in the city means high-quality marketing value.

Marketing Value

As we all know, the characteristics of the people covered by the media are also linked to the marketing value of the press. The crowd covered by outdoor LED large screen media reflects one of its core values: high knowledge, high career, high-quality concentration, and prominent recognition of characteristics. According to the data, in the outdoor LED large screen media audience, most have a stable job. Among them, middle and senior management accounted for 32%. Most have experienced good education, accounting for 74% of those with a college degree or above. They have strong consumption power and mature decision-making power. They pay more attention to financial products, automobiles, clothing and apparel, tourism, digital products, and other products.

Covering the value

Compared with other outdoor media or traditional outdoor advertising brands, outdoor LED large-screen media display effect is excellent, has a highly incredible visual impact, and can maximize the active attention of a large number of outdoor people, forming the basis of good audience coverage ability.

The brand value

The degree of audience recognition also plays a crucial role in the media's marketing value and development space. In this aspect, outdoor LED large-screen media has outstanding visual advantages, which fully ensure the audience's attention to the advertising information; At the same time, compared with other outdoor media, its more "atmospheric" image is also easier to obtain the recognition of the audience.