Flexible LED display is easy to bend, compared with transparent LED film screen, can achieve a variety of installation methods, such as floor installation, hanging installation, embedded installation, hanging installation, limited by the installation area, has a wide range of applications, can achieve a variety of exquisite creative customized LED display installation.
Transparent flexible LED display with anti-blue light function, can effectively prevent harmful blue light damage to the eyes, avoid long time to face the screen and visual fatigue. Indoors, especially in the center of the shopping mall, people watch the content of the screen for a long time and close up, blue light prevention function at this time reflects its irreplaceable role.
Low power consumption and super energy saving. Especially for the large area of the display screen, can save a lot of electricity costs.
Widely used. Transparent flexible LED display can be used as a regular display, but also can be applied to special display fields, such as used to make creative shaped screen, cylindrical screen, spherical screen, curved screen, etc.