The function of teaching conference all-in-one machine

1、Conference/teaching whiteboard writing. Full screen writing, smooth and random, content editing at any time without the slightest lag, easy to explain, replacing the traditional whiteboard, so that the classroom and meeting is no longer boring. Whiteboard writing has the functions of writing, erasing, dragging, zooming, adding pages and storing.
2、Conference video. Using Internet teleconferencing, high-definition conference chat, real-time without delay, feel the face-to-face communication smoothly, with high-definition picture, clear voice, a key cast screen features.

3、PPT import. Can import PPT, any annotations, office meetings, fully improve the effect of daily office meetings, increase the interactivity of the meeting process, and computer equipment wirelessly with the same screen.
4、Interactive teaching training. Interactive teaching, covering a variety of teaching resources, synchronized teaching textbooks, enhancing the interactive communication in the classroom.