Features of all-in-one teaching machine:

1. The all-in-one teaching machine uses large flat panel displays such as liquid crystal (LCD) to achieve high-quality images, which has the advantages of low power consumption, low radiation, no flicker, no glare, shock resistance, anti-interference, small size, light weight, energy conservation, large display and interaction area, etc;

2. The all-in-one teaching machine is designed with ergonomics and aesthetic principles, which is beautiful and modern. Streamlined integrated cabinet, easy and comfortable to operate; High quality cold-rolled steel plate material, overall steel structure;

3. Touch screen positioning is accurate, mouse does not drift, easy to install, beautiful appearance, low power consumption.

4. With high economy, multimedia teaching can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

5. High availability With it, your multimedia teaching has entered the era of "students' multimedia". This device fully reflects the new characteristics of resource sharing, and solves the problem of low utilization rate of equipment or insufficient use of equipment today or can be used in any classroom at will. Students can also participate in the whole process of multimedia teaching.