Soccer field LED display

Soccer field LED display: mainly installed around the soccer field. It is used to publish advertisements around the football field, and through the control of the system software, it can realize the cycle of advertising, rich content, good expression, and introduce the real situation of the game. Super large and clear live game screen breaks the limitation of seats and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance. Connected with referee system and timing and scoring system, the LED screen can broadcast the game time and score in real time. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion replay, and close-up shots give the audience a perfect visual feast. Playback of commercials Perfect picture quality and sound effects make the scene more game atmosphere and shocking
On the other hand, it can be used for live broadcast of video images, news release, important notice, slogan display, display screen can display text, graphics, patterns, animation, etc.; it has the function of simultaneously playing left and right images and text of different proportions.