1.All-weather outdoor operation.

This is the basic characteristic of outdoor advertising machine, with the ability to adapt to the operation of the outdoor environment.

2.outdoor high brightness HD LCD display.

This is also an important feature of outdoor advertising machine. Indoor LCD screen brightness is generally at 350 nits, when the light becomes stronger, the screen brightness is not enough to show gray, outdoor advertising machine placed in the outdoors, sometimes direct sunlight, in order to normal display, it is necessary to improve the brightness of the screen, the general brightness to 2000 nits, equivalent to 7 times the brightness of the indoor LCD screen; In addition, indoor LCD screens generally do not need intelligent light-sensitive, while outdoor LCD screens are generally equipped with intelligent light-sensitive function. For example, the maximum brightness of the screen is 2000 nits, when it detects the ambient light is low light, its brightness automatically switch to 2000 nits below