Characteristics of light bar

1. The fashionable and atmospheric appearance adopts the metal+fin shaped body design, which has better heat dissipation, and does not burn or damage the lamp beads.

2. The remote control function can satisfy the photographer's remote control in specific scenes and improve the photographer's work efficiency.

3. The bottom nut is designed with the bottom 1/4 "nut design, which can easily fix the PTZ, and a photographer can easily fill the light.

4. The battery life and circuit energy efficiency conversion LED chip can reach 3W hours of service life, and the minimum brightness can last for 32 hours when fully charged.

5. High brightness mode, low power consumption and environment-friendly built-in 7.4V 2600mA lithium battery, 2-32 hours of life (7.4V 2600mA is equivalent to 3.7V 5200mA)

6. Multicolor brightness can be adjusted from dark to bright in an instant, making photographic fill light so simple. 7. Multicolor fill light, with 204 built-in LED beads, color rendering index ≥ 95, and RGB color temperature adjustable.