Unique features of the coffee machine

1, program settings. Most coffee machines have cup size control, temperature control, pre-ground powder function, adjustment of coffee bean dosage, preset function, etc.
2、Cleaning function. Coffee machine parts can be removed, after use you can easily remove the removable parts for cleaning, can not be removed coffee machine will clean themselves.
3、Heating system. The coffee machine uses a thermal resistance plate and heating unit for heating, usually 43 seconds to complete the temperature from the brew to the heating temperature. Some fully automatic coffee machines have two heating systems, which has the advantage of reducing your waiting time.
4, digital intelligent control. Some coffee machines use digital intelligent control, its LCD screen can show the working status at any time, the digital display will tell you what it is ready to do or is doing, and what you need to do, the operation is very simple.


Advantages of the coffee machine.

1、Special appearance. Unique shape, fashionable, beautiful, exquisite and textured; humanized design, more intimate operation. Whether for office use or home use, it can reflect the unique taste of individuals.
2, taste advantages. The taste of coffee made by different coffee machines is not the same, the mainstream products on the market at present are Italian and American style coffee machines.
3. Superior quality. At present, the country's coffee machine shopping mall is still in a disorderly period, the mall competition is very fierce, many brands of varying quality.
4, easy maintenance. Because when everyone is done drinking coffee, the coffee machine will be cleaned and maintained. However, the coffee maker should pay attention to regular descaling to extend the service life of the coffee maker. The method of descaling is to fill the tank with edible vinegar, let all the vinegar drip into the coffee cup, repeat once, and then repeat the cleaning with water.