What are the advantages of elevator LCD video multimedia advertising?

Four advantages of elevator multimedia advertising

  1. Lower launch cost

Compared with other outdoor multimedia and Internet advertising, elevator advertising costs less, and its accurate crowd and good advertising arrival rate make elevator advertising more effective in the dissemination of brands and products. Compared with other advertising media, it is more specialized, with less advertising interference, stronger target audience vision and deeper memory. In this way, elevator advertising has the advantage of high cost performance.

  1. Highly targeted

The elevator advertising areas are mainly office buildings and residential areas. The people covered by office buildings are mostly white-collar workers, who have high educational background, high income, high consumption ability and other common characteristics; According to different grades and attributes, residential areas also divide the social strata. Both office buildings and residential areas gather people of the same nature. The elevator advertising media just helps advertisers to make an accurate audience target screening, which is of great help to the sales end of well-known brands. It is difficult for other media to focus on and accurately capture this group of people.

  1. Mandatory advertising output

Waiting for the elevator is a boring piece of time. At this time, the elevator passengers will actively seek the content information to fill in the time, and the advertising is active and readable. Secondly, the elevator is a special enclosed space. When passengers enter the elevator, the quiet environment makes the advertising less disturbed, and the compulsive reading is large. Especially, video advertising, with sound transmission, has the compulsion of advertising output.

  1. High frequency of mass contact

The elevator audience should contact the elevator every day, at least twice a day on average. At the same time, the repeated reading rate of elevator advertising information is very high. High-frequency display and efficient advertising arrival enable the audience to repeatedly receive advertising information, leaving a deep impression on the audience. Therefore, the repeated reading rate of advertisements in the elevator is far higher than that of other multimedia, and the high-frequency display of advertisements enables the brand to be quickly exposed and remembered.