working principle.

The working principle of all electric water heaters is the same, cold water enters the bottom of the storage barrel by the pressure of the pipe network, there are heating tubes inside the barrel, thermostats, timers and other control heating tubes, when the cold water is slowly heated because the specific gravity of hot water is lighter than cold water, so the hot water will float on top in the barrel, at this time if you open the hot water faucet, due to atmospheric pressure, the cold water will enter the barrel and top out the hot water floating on top.

Electric water heaters are controlled by one or more valves at the outlet and work under tap water pressure. This type of water heater has the advantages of flexible installation position, high outlet pressure and small heat loss. But because of its liner work under pressure, the need to use thicker materials, manufacturing processes require high; open electric water heater outlet open, a valve on the inlet pipe to control the amount of water. Such water heaters work under atmospheric pressure, so its liner production requirements are low, and the structure is also relatively simple.
Water heater is a device that increases the temperature of cold water into hot water within a certain period of time through various physical principles. According to the different principles can be divided into electric water heaters, gas water heaters, solar water heaters, magnetic water heaters, air water heaters, heating water heaters, etc..